Dave Daniel, Founder of Daniel Enterprises:


My grandfather, a former Engineer in the Army, would build houses for all of my uncles (all of the houses are still standing). It became a family activity to get together and build a house. So that’s how I started – building houses with my Dad and Grandpa during the day, and then doing my homeschooling work at night. Once I turned 18 I got a job for a big General Contractor in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area. I learned not only the residential side of building, but also large commercial projects. I worked my way up to becoming their youngest Superintendent. The first job I finished myself was an $8 million building.


From the teachings of my Dad and Grandpa I had an idea for how things should be done and how money should be spent — this didn’t jive with the way some new construction companies cut corners. So I decided to start my own company, based on the solid principles I had been taught.


"Deliver quality work, treat your crew right, and don’t overspend your customer’s money."


Daniel Enterprises set up in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2011, building good relationships with local vendors, and creating a team of local, responsible workers.



What makes Daniel Enterprises different?


All of our transactions are driven by Quality and Education. We work to train our crews so that we can earn the manufacturers’ certifications for installing the materials as THEY would install them. We have taken care to create a team that shares our values on personal responsibility and quality work. We empower them to do the job properly, the first time.


Our crew is not commission based, so there are NO high-pressure sales.  And all of our team members are OUR employees, NOT subcontractors that come at a higher price. Daniel Enterprises is one team, with immediate and total authority to handle and complete your job.


We all live right here in Charlotte, the same community we build in. We care about our reputation and want to be here working for the next 50+ years!


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