Types of Siding


  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Siding Accessories




Vinyl siding is produced in many different shapes, colors and styles, offering homeowners an opportunity to meet almost any design style with a product that is cost-effective, durable and low in maintenance.  Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to speak to a representative who will be able to help you find the products right for you.




Fiber-cement siding and trim may be lap or shake, board or batten.  Cement trim is ideally suited for a variety of exterior corners, windows, columns, doors and more, adding grace and elegance to any style of architecture.  The composition of fiber cement siding makes it rot resistant, impact resistant and imperious to termites.




Wood siding can be cedar or pine, lap or shake.  Although a beautiful addition to any exterior façade, wood siding needs to be treated every 4-6 years depending on the elements in your area.  Contact a representative at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to find out more about these products.


Porch Ceiling


Porch ceilings can extend the style of the exterior of your project, using vinyl, fiber-cement or wood products to create a variety of styles.


Boxing Systems


The boxing system on your house consists of fascia, soffit and frieze.  Fascia and frieze can be wood wrapped with aluminum or a painted fiber-cement composite board. Soffit material is typically either a solid or vented vinyl or composite board.






The different home replacement windows we offer include:


Casement Windows– If you want the ability to let a lot of light and fresh air into your home, casement windows might be your best bet. A casement window is attached to the side of the window frame by hinges, allowing it to open completely and provide a large opening to the outdoors. Casement replacement windows can increase airflow through your home and are an excellent security solution, since they are very difficult for intruders to break through.


Bay Windows– This type of window extends outward from the side of your home. With one central, fixed window that is parallel to the wall and two more windows set at an angle on the side, bay windows provide a wide window sill that is perfect for displaying plants or creating a reading nook. Bay replacement windows can add great value to your home, provide lots of natural light and good ventilation, and can be incorporated into any type of home décor, from Victorian to modern.


Bow Windows– Bow windows are similar to bay windows in that they both can provide a large viewing area in a spacious room. However, bow replacement windows are usually comprised of 3 to 6 window panels that are all the same size, giving a more gradual curve to the space.


Garden Windows-This type of house window is generally installed over a kitchen sink and is a perfect area for plants, since it acts like a mini greenhouse. Garden replacement windows jut out into the outdoor space, creating a large windowsill and provides plenty of light and fresh air for your greenery.


Double-Hung Windows– These are probably the most common type of house replacement windows. They are comprised of two panels, with the bottom one able to slide up and down. Double-hung windows are easy to clean, versatile, and can be used with a screen or a window air conditioning unit.


All of these types of replacement windows are custom-made and come in many different arch styles, shapes, and colors to suit any home’s décor. We also offer many different energy-efficient house window options, including double-pane windows and soft coat low-E glass with argon gas for extra insulation.

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